BookTalk Sisters

Gathering together around books

Social Justice CALL: Citizenship, Activism, Law 

and Literacy

 An Inter-generational Social Justice Study Group 

We Engage in Collective Study for

 Self-empowerment and Self-determination

We say, "Education is Activism"



How Social Justice CALL Works:

We are a reading, study  and discussion group. 

During each session, we will read and discuss selections from our reading list of historical and contemporary documents, movements, films, literature, etc., that have shaped our understanding of Democracy and Social Justice in the United States. 

At each meeting, readers will speak out, question, and debate (respectfully) to gain a clearer understanding of history,  government and the principles that guide each of us.  

Discussions are focused but informal. 

Between meetings we will chat live via Twitter. Join the announced Twitter chats on  #Socialjusticecall.

The last session will be a showcase of readers' activism. It's a chance to express yourself creatively or explain how you are putting your newfound understanding into practice.

Join us!


Lisa Monroe, Making the American Syllabus

Susan Monroe, School 29 Project

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[email protected]

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